Tuscola County Highpoint Trip Report

four areas (980+ ft)

one tiny area (980+ ft)

Date: September 7, 2007
Author: Bill Schuler

I started this trip from I-75, exit 149 at MI-46. Go east on MI-46 for about 25 miles to MI-24 and zero odometer.

0.0   MI-46 at MI-24 - Go south on MI-24.
4.1   Mertz Road - Bear right (south) at left curve in MI-24.
        Saginaw Road - Continue straight ahead at the stop sign.
5.9   "T" intersection at Brown Road - Turn left (east) on Brown Road.
6.3   Stop sign at Fostoria Road - Continue straight ahead.
6.4   Track on the left - Turn in and park.

Hike 0.1 mile along the track due North for Area #1. Continue north with minor ups and downs for Area #2 in the woods. I used my GPS to pinpoint this area. Hike 0.15 mile southeast for Area #3 and another 0.12 mile east-northeast for area #4. I quartered these areas pretty good to ensure getting the not obvious high points. I returned to my vehicle over Area #2 and then southwest for 1/2 mile. Hiking was through woods, a hayfield, a bean field and an empty pasture. Drive back west.

6.5   Brown Road at Fostoria Road - Turn left (south).
7.4   Swaffer Road - Turn right (west) onto this gravel road.
7.9   Home at 1060 Swaffer Road - Park.

Ask permission to hike north about 0.25 mile along a power line until southeast of the top, then head up through the hayfield to the top of area #5.

If coming from the south, take I-69 to exit 155, then go north on MI-24 to Brown Road South of Mayville. Turn left (west). It's about 2.6 miles to the track for area #1.