Wayne County High Point Trip Report

one small area in Mayberry State Park (990+ ft)

Date: September 3, 2001
Author: Bob Schwab

From the intersection of Napier and Eight-Mile Roads at the extreme northwest corner of Wayne County, travel east on Eight-Mile Road for roughly 0.75 mile to the northern entrance to Mayberry State Park (fee). Park your car near the rest rooms on the south side of the parking lot, and take the trail that goes directly south from there into the woods.

The main trail veers east almost immediately, but take the trail that forks to the south. There have been many changes to the park since the topo map was produced, and most of the roads/trails have been moved around. When the trail comes out to a paved pathway, backtrack just a bit and find a fainter trail that runs east up a gentle hill. Follow this trail east. The HP will be to your south in the trees/brush once you crest an open area. Just south of the HP area, the terrain drops down rather steeply.

It's amazing to me how heavily used this park is, and yet how few traces there are that anybody visits this HP.