Wayne County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: October 12, 2005
Author: Don Desrosiers

As noted by Bob Schwab, things have changed a bit from the original topo. The first is probably that the state believes this park is spelled "Maybury"1. Official address is 20145 Beck Road, Northville, MI.

Like Bob, I came at this one from the northern entrance. It was early and I was fully prepared to pay my $6 but there was nobody around to take it.

Do not stop near the restrooms as previously noted, rather continue to the farthest parking lot. It will save you a quarter mile or so. Take the paved path from the south end of the lot, bear left at both of the first TWO forks, and stay on the paved path. When your GPS says you are about 300 yards from the HP, you should cross a well marked horse trail. About 10 yards past that, just before the obvious drop in the road, take the faint trail to the right going uphill. In about 30 yards, meet the bike trail and turn right. Follow the bike trail as it winds a bit and gets you about 50 feet from the HP. Wandering may be in order.

Looking at the map, there might be a quicker route from Seven Mile but I leave that for someone else to explore.

1 All "baby boomers" know that Mayberry is in NC, not MI!