Becker County Highpoint Trip Report

one area at Wolf Lake Lookout Tower

Date: November 26, 2004
Author: Mark Ness

From the intersection of MN 87 and CR 45, I went north on 45 and continued north on CR 38 (both paved roads) and continued north on CR 121 (gravel) as it curved toward the HP, then turned right onto Wolf Lake Tower Road, as CR 121 curved north. Even with recent snow fall, I was able to drive to the top in my 2WD S-10 without trouble. When I came to a fork in the road, I went right, even though my GPS software showed the road as going left. I got to the top after 0.95 mile on Wolf Lake Tower Road.

Benchmark is on the edge of some trees close to the antenna tower building. Highest ground is past that.