Carlton County High Point Trip Report

Date: May 23, 2001
Author: Bob Packard

This was far and away the most ambitious hp on this trip to MN for me. From Cromwell, MN I drove 5.5 miles E to sign "Fond du Lac Snowmobile Trail-Minnesota Dept. of Nat. Res.", mentioned in EE's trip report. Clearly the route could not be driven, perhaps not even walked. It was a swamp! Especially after several days of rain. Drove back toward Cromwell and took roads with signs indicating access to state trails. Parked at Cromwell LO tower (a tall one). Hiked on snowmobile-ATV-ski trails and got to UN 1452, W of Rogers Lake. I would never have known I was at the right place except for the fact that I came to an intersection with signs saying route 210 pointing S (clearly the route EE used to get there) and LO tower pointing W (the route I had just come in on). Lots of confusing trails and side trails, but ski trail maps tacked to trees helped straighten me out when I made mistakes, and I made several. No views anywhere except from the LO at the start of the hike.

Trip Statistics: hours, miles, elevation gain in feet = 2.75, 6.5, 200