Dakota County High Point Trip Report

Buck Hill (1,195 ft) and one other area (1,190+ ft)

Date: July 23, 2003
Authors: Trapper Robbins and Roxanne Everett

Area #1: Buck Hill ski area is very close to I-35. From I-35 Crystal Lake Exit (#87), set your odometer to 0.0 and go west on Crystal Lake Road. At 0.2 mile, turn left (south) on Buck Hill Road and follow signs to Ski Area (0.7 mile). Park at ski area and walk up grassy ski runs to top. There is a plastic USGS reference marker attached to the summit shack. Good views. (NOTE: There is a road and some buildings near the west side of the summit and we suspect you can drive much closer to the top than we did.)

Round trip was 0.5 mile with 200 feet of gain.

Area #2: The second area is approximately 5 miles south of Buck Hill and is really tiny. Do you think that it rises 5+ feet to be higher than Buck Hill? Seems like it would have to be a noticeable "summit", not a rounded/flat top.