Kanabec County Highpoint Trip Report

Dates: August 15 and September 3, 2004
Author: Mark Ness

From the intersection of State Highway 18 and Aitkin C.R. 60, I went south for 5 miles, then west 1 mile, then south on Mille Lacs C.R. 131 (on Mille Lacs-Kanabec county line) for 0.8 mile. Turned left into a gravel pit entrance road and parked about 300 feet from the HP. The gavel pit is expanding and may swallow up the HP. Walked overa gravel berm and up partially dug area to the top.

Came back for the second hill. From the intersection of C.R. 131 and State Highway 27, I drove 2.2 miles east on 27, then left onto Munkelwitz Road for 1.8 miles and stopped where the road ahead was blocked by a fallen tree. Marked "No Hunting. No Trespassing". Knocked on the door at nearby house, with no answer.

I walked up the trail, making good time until it passed through the edge of the swamp/lake. It was about 10 feet across and up to thigh deep. That was the only water I had to go through. The trail continued straight north. At the north edge of the swamp, an improvised trail goes right around the base of the hill. I took it for a while, then bushwhacked toward the top -- heaviest brush I have walked through so far.

Summit was unremarkable. Returned straight west and picked up the trail within 200 feet as it curved east, not straight as the topo map shows.