Lyon County Highpoint Trip Report

nine areas (1,740+ ft)

Date: May 16, 2004
Author: Bob Schwab

From the intersection of US 14 and Route 23 near Florence, go southwest on Route 23 for one mile to County Route 51. Turn left and continue south on CR 51 for about 0.15 mile to a long driveway on your left (east). Drive in and meet Irene Erickson (1204 County Road 51), who gave me permission to visit the contours on and adjacent to her property. Her house sits on the southern tip of area 1, with the highest ground near the northeast corner of her house. Area 2 is off to the northeast, partially in a bean field and partially covered with some trees/brush/long grass (I rousted two deer walking back here). Area 3 is east of her home in a bean field and appears to be the highest ground in this cluster (per hand level comparisons). Area 4 is south of her home in a cornfield and is definitely lower (checked with hand level) than areas 1 and 3.

Return to the intersection of County 51 and Route 23. Drive northeast about 0.65 mile to the "Florence" sign. You can pull off the road and park here at a field access and hike east into the field to area 5 or you can continue up the road to the white house and large white garage on your right. I stopped in here and got permission from the owner to hike southeast across his lawn to visit this area. The drive and buildings shown on the topo are long gone.

Continue north on Route 23 and take US 14 east 0.45 mile to County 53. Turn right on County 53 and drive south for 0.75 mile. The road will crest and then begin to drop. Park along the road just north of some trees on your left. Hike directly west for a little over 0.1 mile to a tiny contour (area 6 is located under the "e" in the word "Shelburne" on the topo map).

I personally think constant plowing has destroyed this area but you decide when you visit (take your hand level and compare to the highest bean field near Mrs. Erickson's house).

Return to your car and continue south on County 53 another 0.75 mile or so to the half-section line (this is 1.5 miles south of US 14). You will pass a large pond on your left. Note the single tree way out in the field to the east. You can park here and hike east 0.6 mile toward the tree to the vicinity of three tiny contours (areas 7-9). If you hike from the west, you will encounter area 7 virtually on the section line. The other two areas are about 0.1 mile farther east, near where a north-south fence intersects, virtually at the tree.

You can shorten the approach by continuing south on County 51 another 0.5 mile to Mitchell Slough and then east for 0.65 mile to the farm owned by Dale Wieme (1364 110th Street). If permission is granted, continue east another 0.2 mile to a farm lane that can be driven and goes north to a single grain bin. Drive up and park at the grain bin. Hike northwest across the field, cross the north-south fence, and head toward the solitary tree. Look for the slight bumps that comprise these three areas. The view is nice here but I still think the highest contours in the county are near Mrs. Erickson's house.