Mahnomen County High Point Trip Report

Date: May 29, 2002
Author: Dan Richardson

On Highway 200, go a mile east of Roy Lake and get on Strawberry Mountain Road southbound. When you get on the road you'll be in Clearwater County but it'll curve west and enter Mahnomen and then continue south. Due to the heavy forest, I had trouble at first finding the point where I needed to get out and walk to the points so I didn't get an odometer reading from Hwy. 200. I went up to the intersection of Strawberry Road and Norris road and then backtracked for approximately 1.2 miles. At this point you be sitting at the crest of a small hill. There's a swampy area just off to the south on both sides of the road. If you're at the right point and facing west, one of the hp's is a little off to your right, maybe 100 meters. Go to that one first and then from there you can walk in a southwesterly direction and pick out the other 3 fairly easily. There's no view to speak of from any of the points.

A word of caution: The mosquitoes are pretty thick and don't even think of getting back in the car without doing a thorough tick check because they are very abundant in this forest.