McLeod County Highpoint Trip Report

two close field hills (1,140+ ft)

Date: November 11, 2004
Author: Mark Ness

McLeod County's high points are located within a stone's throw of the Meeker County line, in a field. When I visited on September 25, 2004, about an hour after sunset, I could barely make out that it was a corn field in the waning twilight. I decided to come back after harvest to see the hilltops easily. What I couldn't see that night was that the northern high point was not in the corn field but in the adjacent field of wild grass.

I came from my home in Anoka County, on U.S. Highway 12, then south on Minnesota State Highway 15 at Dassel for 7.65 miles, then right onto Meeker C.R. 18 (paved) for 3.55 miles to C.R. 9 for 1.35 miles, where I turned south, passing the McLeod County High Point area on my right, turning into the first driveway on the right (house #24735).

Parking: I was greeted by a friendly black dog (Labrador?), and parked in the driveway. I asked for permission to hike into the field but they only own the land up to the edge of the field by a row of laurel trees and I was directed to the house further up the driveway (about a half-mile away). I was granted permission and returned to park where I originally parked.

From where I parked it was only a short walk to the southern hill. The corn that I saw in September had been harvested and plowed and the bumps were easy to see. I arrived at the top of the southern summit in 7 minutes then walked north to the other summit, arriving 5 minutes later. It was wild grasses. I walked straight back to my car, past the row of laurel trees.

The total time out of my car was 20 minutes.