Redwood County High Point Trip Report

two areas - one artificial (1,450+ ft)

Date: October 21, 2001
Author: Michael Schwartz

From Tracy on US 14, go south 3 miles on Center Street (opposite turnoff to northbound CR 11), which becomes Lyon CR 73, to the county line. Then go east one mile to the T-junction of 110 Street and Acorn Avenue. The large area of 1,450+ feet is to the northeast. The road rises to the east to a low crest after 1/4 mile, and this seems like highest ground, but the road itself is bermed, so it's hard to identify highest natural ground on the road or in the field. Good faith effort.

The small area is on 100 Street 0.2 mile north of the T-shaped intersection is definitely a man-made road berm.