Renville County High Point Trip Report

Date: October 20, 2001
Author: Michael Schwartz

These are all easy points, bumps in fields. For the four easternmost areas, where CR 2 (in Kandiyohi) - CR 16 (in Renville) crosses the Renville/Kandiyohi County line, go east about 1/2 mile on Kandi-Ren Line Road. With the corn gone, the bumps are clearly visible just to the south. Different bumps look higher from different viewpoints, and hand leveling was inconclusive. It doesn't take much effort to walk over all four points.

For the next point to the west, go south 1/4 mile on CR 16 to the crest of an obvious ridge and take the short walk west to high ground.

For the westernmost point, go west 2.0 miles along the county line from the CR 2/16 crossing, then turn south on a gravel road 0.2 mile to a point opposite the south edge of the woods shown to the east on the map. Walk west to knoll in field.