Roseau County High Point Trip Report

Date: May 17, 2002
Author: Dan Richardson

Go north from the town of Fourtown on Highway 89 for 21 miles. The road at this point turns left. Continue west for 2 miles. Get on the jeep trail that heads south (as labeled on the topo, this is a JEEP trail, not a Honda Civic trail; take my word on this). At around 1.2 miles a smaller trail veers off to the east. From here the only way I can tell you to go is to just follow the map as much as possible, because it winds all over the place. Eventually you'll come to the Y-intersection that you see on the map. The first hp is just into the right fork about 50 meters or so.

Continue on and the trail comes back to the original jeep trail. After winding around for awhile there will be another small trail that again veers off to the east. Follow this until it eventually (after an agonizing stretch when you feel like you're completely lost and doomed to live the rest of your days in the middle of a northern Minnesota forest) comes to an intersection of 3 trails. The one you want to take goes straight. The only problem is that the road is completely swamped, through which nothing but a 4-wheel drive (or preferably a tracked vehicle) will pass. The walk from here is mercifully short but you'll have to find a way around the swamped area. (Presumably if you come here during the warmer summer months you'll have to contend with inconceivable hordes of mosquitoes.) Walk for around 200 yards over a small rise. Once you get down the other side you'll be able to look off to your right and see another upward slope. Once you get toward the top of it you should be able to pick out the hp even though it's fairly heavily forested.