Roseau County Highpoint Trip Report

two areas (1,270+ ft)

Date: July 31, 2005
Author: Bob Schwab

From the intersection of CR 9 and CR 18 (1 mile north of the Marshall/Beltrami/Roseau Tri-County point), go east and north 8 miles on CR 18 to the intersection with CR 19. Turn east on CR 19 and proceed another 6 miles to a dirt road going south (Penturian Forest Road). When I visited, the gate was open, so I drove south 1.35 miles to a grassy lane angling off to the southeast and parked. A short hike along this grassy path brings you to the "Y" and the first HP is just south of here along the edge of the path.

I returned to my car and continued to drive south and east for roughly another 1.5 miles (sorry, I didnít keep accurate mileage). The topo map does not correctly show where this road goes today (it now goes farther south, before turning east) but stay on the main road as it goes south then bends sharply to the east. Watch for a metal sign (facing east away from you) near an intersection with a path/track going north (NAD27 coordinates are (48° 33' 42.7" N, 95° 21' 11.0" W)).

You can park here and hike north on this path (or you can drive it), but bear to the right at all intersections as it meanders north, then east. I encountered some people on ATVs searching for berries in here. Soon youíll arrive in a small grassy field where I parked. At this point the track crosses a very wet/mushy spot which I doubt most vehicles can manage. Cross the mushy area on foot and follow the track a short distance as it bends more to the north. Keep an eye open for rising ground to the east and head for the pine ridge when you see it. This is the site of the second HP area. While there are no views, the highest ground is quite open under the pines. There is also a "hole" in the ground along the southern part of this low ridge which I donít quite understand.

In summary, this county is quite easy to do if the gate is open off from CR 19.