Wabasha County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: October 30, 2005
Author: Dan Richardson

I used Mark Ness's directions for both points. At Greenfield Hill, there was standing corn just like Mark experienced. As I was skirting the edge of the field looking for a potential summit, the guy who presumably owns the museum came out to see what I was doing. When I inquired about the summit he said it sits about 50 feet into the field straight southwest of the museum building. I had to take his word on it and assume that I stepped on it at some point during my wandering around in the field.

For the southern point, I also parked in the gravel pit as Mark had done. As I was standing on the summit, a pickup pulled up with a guy and his son. The guy didn't say a single word but the kid, maybe 10 or 11, was friendly enough. At the time, I was taking a few photos of the surrounding area, so it wasn't apparent that I was one of those crazy highpointers. I asked if it was ok to be up there and the kid said it was fine. They then drove on up the field road and out of sight.

I forgot to ask if there was an easier way to get up there but I followed the road down the hill toward the west and it eventually runs down into a farm (it looks like more than one family lives there) and on out to the highway. The driveway comes out about a quarter mile south of the gravel pit. Presumably you could go in and get permission to drive right up to the summit, which would be MUCH easier than bushwhacking through the trees next to the gravel pit.