Yellow Medicine County High Point Trip Report

Date: December 27, 2001
Author: David Olson

From MN highway 68 and the SD/MN state line I continued south, headed to the coHP areas of Yellow Medicine county MN. Since there is a lake in the way, a 0.5 mile detour east or west is necessary before getting back to the state line.

The north coHP area is a hill prominent from the state line road, 3 miles south of MN highway 68. An east-west road goes over the top of the hill. South of the hill appeared higher.

Next, the middle area, 1 mile south, is a pasture-hill a short distance east of the driveway to what looks to be uninhabited farmstead.

Last, the south area is a long narrow hill north of another uninhabited farmstead, 2 miles further south. Highest is east of a fence on its top.