Buchanan County High Point Trip Report

Date: November 17, 2002
Author: Dave Covill

This is an easy one, although you need to get permission from the farmer to walk the fields. I considered going from Henry to Johnson, but it was quite dark when I finished Henry, and Johnson requires extensive field walking and hand leveling, so I chose to go north to I-70, west to Kansas City MO, and north to Buchanan and Platte, which the trip reports from Dave Olson had led me to believe could be done at night. I was right.

Approach from I-71, and exit at #30 at Dearborn. Go west for 0.8 mile on an unnamed road to 371, then north 3.0 miles to 116. Go west on 116 through the 5-shack hamlet of Wallace to paved V, then go north 0.5 mile to a rise. The larger of the 2 contours is to the east, the smaller across the road to the west. The eastern one is fresh cut corn stubble, the western one is fresh cut hay/grass. I couldn't hand level well in the dark, but I was helped by a near-full moon, which rose about 8:00. There is a wire fence on the west side of the road, which I tripped over, even though there are no posts, and it's laying on the ground. The areas looked to be even.

I drove from 0.5 mile north of 116 to 0.2 mile north of it to get out and walk to the western area. I imagine that the farmer to the north was the one who owned them. Platte MO cohp is a few miles away.