Cape Girardeau County Highpoint Trip Report

one area (820+ ft)

Date: September 22, 2007
Author: Bob Schwab

Drive north on Route 177 out of Cape Girardeau through the settlement of Egypt Mills to its intersection with Route V. Continue north on 177 for roughly another mile to a sign to Boutin Lake (right) and an intersection on the left with County 602. Turn left at County 602 but almost immediately you’ll come to a three-way intersection. Caddo Lane (with a posted sign) is the narrow dirt road that goes due west. Follow Caddo Lane to its very end at Dave Cowles’ house.

Dave was quite friendly (I gave him a topo map) but he’s not home a lot (he works at the WalMart in Jackson). When I finally did find him at home, he freely gave permission to park near his shed and do the short bushwhack up the ridge to the highpoint. Hike past an old trailer and follow the ridge up to an old path that turns right and ascends to the top. The top is wooded and there is an active ATV trail that appears to comes in from the north. Dave said to watch out for the chiggers, ticks, snakes, and poison oak/ivy!