Carter County High Point Trip Report

on Stegall Mountain quadrangle

Date: March 9, 2002
Author: Hans Haustein

To reach Stegall Mountain from Winona, MO, go northeast on Highway H to an unnamed road to the east, with a sign for Peck Ranch DNR (I forgot to record the mileage from Winona). Go east on this gravel for 3.7 miles until coming to a sign marking the beginning of the Peck Ranch DNR area, just past this sign is a road going to the north, take this road. There is a low water bridge about 0.4 mile north of the main road; if there have been heavy rains, crossing this may be difficult. Following the road 1.3 miles north of the low water bridge I encountered a metal pipe gate blocking drive-up access to the highpoint.

I walked the remaining 0.1 mile to the summit area. On the summit there is a lookout tower and outbuilding along with a large rock formation that is the highpoint. The lookout tower still has the stairs and looks to be used as a radio tower. I climbed about 2/3 up the tower before the high winds made me question my sanity, so I went back down gripping the hand rails tightly. There were some incredible views from the tower looking north toward the Current River. The large rock formation to the south of the tower has one area that is higher than the rest of the formation. I left a PVC pipe register in a crevice on top of the rock formation for future highpointers to find and sign.

This was a really nice highpoint, in my book.