Christian County High Point Trip Report

six areas near Elkhead - spillover not counted (1,580+ ft)

Date: June 17, 2002
Authors: Dave & Beckie Covill

Go 1.5 miles east of Elkhead on 14 to Lemming Road at the county line. 4 areas are just south, and 2 are further north a couple of miles.

Area #1, near spot elevation 1,562-feet, is much lower than the others nearby, and barely gets to 1,580 feet, very flat, this is the one about a hundred yards west from the county line just north of 14. Forget about it.

Area #2 is higher, perhaps 1,590 - 1,595 feet. There are 1,600-foot contours across the county line to the east. This area hand-levels slightly higher than #3, the next candidate to the south, down Leming Road.

Area #4 is furthest south, and also on the county line, which jogs east 200 feet right before you get to it, making it slightly difficult to get to. It is in a farm field. I hand-leveled it from 2 spots where I could see the high ground on #4, and also back to #3. It is about 2 feet lower than #3.

From the intersection of 14 and the county line road, go east 0.6 mile to CR 557, then north for 3 miles on decent gravel down to a creek and back up to an intersection where TT bears east and is paved. Keep left and wind up to the west on 557 for 0.4 mile. Reach the signed county line. Area #5 is just north of the road, and is very flat, and area #6 is tiny, and lies just north of #5. I hand-leveled from the middle of #5,and it seems to rise less than 3 feet from where the contour line intersects the road. It is not a cohp candidate to me, but visit it.

Do not bother to visit #6, 200 feet north of #5, in some woods beyond a meadow that comprises most of #5. It sights lower even still, perhaps right at 1,580 feet. There is a fence along the county line to help you here.

I would say that #2 is the cohp. Again, not much of a cohp at that.