Clark County Highpoint Trip Report

18 areas (760+ feet)

Date: October 12, 2007
Author: Bob Schwab

I believe Dick Ellsworth devirginized Clark County some time ago. What follows is a brief synopsis of the highlights of my two visits to this county.

MOUNT STERLING QUAD - three areas in sections 17/19-66N-9W

Head north from Luray on Route K for approximately 5 miles to the junction with Route N. Note blue water tank immediately north. Find fence access to contour in bean field. The road seemed as high as the field contour here. Continue west on Route N 1.75 miles to green house on south. Ask for permission to hike 0.25 mile south into the bean field to visit the second contour. Drive east from green house on Route N maybe 0.25+ mile to the bean field access on the south and third contour.

ANSON QUAD - two areas in sections 22/23-66N-9W (760+ feet)

From the junction of Routes K and N, drive east 2 miles, turn south, and drive another 0.9 mile to visit two contours on opposite sides of the road (check both banks).

WYACONDA QUAD - one area in sections 7/8-65N-9W (760+ feet)

From Luray, drive west on US 136 about 2.8 miles to an old house and two white trailers on the south side of the road. Mr. Delbert Boley and his sister live in the trailers and will give permission to visit the large contour in the field south of their homes. There is a definite rise within this contour.

two areas in sections 30/31-65N-9W (760+ feet)

From Wyaconda, drive west and north 1.9 miles on Route E. Donít be confused by a county line sign along the way. Where Route E bends west again, turn east on a posted track road for about 0.15 mile to two areas north and south of the road.

two areas along railroad tracks just northwest of Wyaconda in section 32-65N-9W (760+ feet)

Where Route A bends north on the northeast side of Wyaconda, turn south to railroad tracks. Either park here or drive east along the south side of the tracks and park. Climb the banks on both sides of the tracks. I suspect these contours are man-made.

one area south of Wyaconda in section 5-64N-9W (760+ feet)

This contour is southeast of the town water tower out in the cornfield. You can approach this contour either from the north and the town ball field or, from the west, off from Route A along a lane running east into the corn. There are some old buildings and trees here surrounded by corn.

COLONY QUAD - seven areas (including BM Fairmont 770) in sections 18/20/21/28/29-64N-9W (760+ feet)

Drive down Route A from Wyaconda for approximately 3 miles. Turn right (west) at BM 758 and park on south side of road. Cross a fence into the hay field to the north to visit the contour. Continue on Route A for 0.7 mile as road bends east. Find the second contour north in hayfield. Continue east, south, and east again for 0.6 mile to large contour with an obvious rise that crosses Route A (north side is a bean field, south is a corn field). Backtrack to the corner and go south then west for 0.35 mile to another contour that crosses the road. Return to Route A and head directly east into the very center of Fairmont. Find BM Fairmont and witness sign in a grassy lawn on the south side of the road. A reference mark 40 feet east has elevation 780 stamped into it but itís lower than the BM. The BM is officially listed at 771 feet in the NGS datasheets. From the BM, drive east for 0.4 mile, then south for 0.2 mile and park near an old barn. Contour to the east (in wheat and bean field) is higher than the contour on west side (in hay and bean field).