Dallas County High Point Trip Report

Date: November 17, 2002
Author: Dave Covill

This is a modest one, as two of the areas are 3 miles from the other two.

Approach the northern 2 areas from the junction of I-4 & M at the Conway exit (near the Laclede cohp). Go 0.8 mile west on M to B, then 0.3 mile northwest on B to a nice little home on the left. The owner's name is Barbara, and she recalled Bob and Dottie Martin's visit. The HP area is by a propane tank at the back edge of the house.

The other northern area is across the street, and levels 3 - 4 feet lower by standing at the base of the driveway and looking at both.

For the southern 2 areas, go back to road Y near I-44, and go south on Y 2.4 miles to the Dallas County line road at Starvey Creek Road. Go 0.1 mile south on this, then east 1.5 mile on the county line road to an end of the road, where it turns north at the edge of I-44. Go north 0.1 and 0.2 mile to the 2 contours. Further north is higher, maybe 1,382 or 1,383 feet. HP is probably at Barbara's house.