Dunklin County High Point Trip Report

Date: June 10, 1999
Author: Andy Martin

This county has 4 small areas of 530'+, along a dirt road that runs the crest of Crowleys Ridge. The southern two are right next to a gravel pit, and I was unable to locate the BM shown on the map here. There is a phone pole just east of the road with a mound of dirt by it that may be the highest ground in this area, and I left a register here. A house is just to the west across the road from here.

Next it was about a drive of about a mile north to 2 more areas. One lies right under the road, and looks to be the highest of these 2. The other area has a new house built just south of it. A fence runs east/west over this dinky area, and a tree just north of the fence looks highest.