Grundy County Highpoint Trip Report

two areas (1,010+ ft)

Date: June 10, 2007
Author: Bob Schwab

I think the topo map shows two areas in section 18, the second one being under the shed (I think he said it was originally for chickens) at roughly 40-15-35N, 93-25-18W. I talked with Delbert Clark, the 94 year old man who lives in the house on the corner. He not only built the shed, he also created a baseball field immediately north of it (his own field of dreams) where he, his brothers, and his kids played ball for many years. I was told that he was good enough to play professionally but he thought farming was a more reliable occupation. The large contour up in the hayfield is clearly the higher area of the two (so previous visitors donít need to return) but visitors should stop by and talk with this man. He (or his son David) can give you permission to visit both areas without having to stealth his farm. The son David lives about 0.5 mile east of the old farmstead.