Henry County High Point Trip Report

Date: November 17, 2002
Author: Dave Covill

This is an easy one, although you need to get permission from the homeowner to stand in his driveway.

Approach from Post Oak, a hamlet to the north in Johnson County, on MO 13. Drive south to the county line, where the highway jogs to the west and then back to the south. Drive east on a county line road 0.1 mile to a house on the right (south). HP is at the back edge of the barn by a light pole, which was on and shining. There were cars, but no lights on, which I thought was odd. From the road, I surveyed the scene and determined that this was indeed the HP. I drove into the driveway, got out and looked around, and drove back out. If you were to drive in and park near the light pole, get out and walk to the house and seek permission, you would have already have been to the high ground.

I considered going from Henry to Johnson, but it was quite dark when I finished Henry, and Johnson requires extensive field walking and hand leveling, so I chose to go north to I-70, west to Kansas City MO, and north to Buchanan and Platte counties.