Jasper County High Point Trip Report

Date: November 15, 2002
Author: Dave Covill

This is an interesting one, which requires a short walk.

Reach it from I-44 on exit # 33. Go south on CR #1010 1.0 mile. Go west on FR 2150 1.0 mile, a.k.a. Apple Road. Go south on FR 1000 0.7 mile to a house on the west side. This house is owned by Jack Reynolds, but he does not own the field behind him. Proceed south to the county line road, then west 1.0 miles to a new house owned by Walter Korff, who owns all the fields in question.

I talked to a farm hand named Steve Gripka, he said it was OK to visit. The fields are low grass for cattle grazing. Enter the field about 150 feet north of the house in a gap where there is no fence. Walk out into the field to where they store large hay rolls. The field appears to be perfectly flat, i.e. I couldn't see any justification for 3 areas on the map. I leveled around and felt the spot by the rolls was highest, maybe 100+ yards from the road. It would correspond to where the northernmost area should be. The field with the other 2 areas is due south and leveled 2 - 4 feet lower.