Laclede County High Point Trip Report

Date: November 17, 2002
Author: Dave Covill

This is a tougher one, as two of the areas are 30 miles from the other two.

Approach the eastern areas from the junction of 32 & 95 in Lynchburg. Go south 1.0 west from Lynchburg on 95 to open meadow. This is spot #1, right at south edge of road. It levels lower than #2, which is sort of visible to the west, although there are trees in the way, but the trees look to be much higher. Hard to say.

Continue to #2 at mile 1.6 mile, HP is on west side of road approximately 20 feet into woods across from orange cable marker.

I then drove 30 miles west on O & J to Conway. Highpoint #3 is 1.2 mile south of Conway from J & CC on CC. It is 100 feet west of the road at the stone gate edge of the front of a large house. Just walk to the gate and back to the car.

For #4 go 2.7 mile north on CC from Conway along the interstate frontage road. Pull into a lane for a tower area. It has a wire gate across it, so park and walk south 1/4 mile up to tower. HP area is to the east of the clearing, through short woods, and on the other side of a very stout fence. With permission, cross under the fence, and wander in an open, very flat pasture field. No sign at all of BM Bateman.

I say the HP is at the old house, but you gotta visit all 4.