Lafayette County High Point Trip Report

Date: May 27, 2002
Author: Dennis Stewart

From I-70 take exit 31 and drive south on route Z. There is a wide driveway 0.4 mile north of the junction of routes Z and HH on the west side of the road which makes a good parking spot. From the end of this driveway, walk 122 degrees southeast just 0.11 miles to the highest point in the middle of an unfenced grassy field. My GPS landmark for this spot was (38° 55.34' N, 94° 03.44' W).

Just 50 yards east of this point is a higher, long, narrow mound running north-south, but it is obviously man-made. The only other spot that looked higher was the northeastern arm of the 1080-foot contour. After hiking to this point and sighting back with a crude hand level, I felt comfortable that the first point was higher.