Lawrence County High Point Trip Report

two areas near Aurora - one near Verona (1,510+ ft)

Date: June 16, 2002
Authors: Dave & Beckie Covill

For the westernmost area near Verona, start from Monett, at routes 37 & 60, and go 3.3 miles east on 60 to "W" road. Go north 1.0 mile, then go west 0.3 mile and park. HP is in a field south of this road. It is planted but was mowed and laid down, hay I think. HP appears to be in center of contour, about 200 feet south of road, and 300 feet east of edge of woods. I did this at dusk, no problems. Better ask a neighbor in daylight, and might be tough with a crop in place.

For the easternmost 2 areas, from 60 & 39, go 1.5 miles south on 39 to county line, then go east on county line road #2240 for 0.9 mile to 1st of 2 areas. Each is about 500 feet apart, thus a double liner. Both spots hand-leveled even with each other.

Really not a very interesting cohp.