Lewis County Highpoint Trip Report

22 areas (740+ feet)

Date: October 12, 2007
Author: Bob Schwab

This is another MO county that I believe Dick Ellsworth devirginized some time ago. What follows is a brief synopsis of the highlights of my visits to this county, which I finally completed on October 12. Most of these contours lie right along the western edge of the county line. In the process of researching and exploring this county, I think I found one additional area not mentioned in Andy Martinís book in the Deer Ridge quadrant (see section 19-62N-9W).

DEER RIDGE QUAD - two areas in sections 19/30/31-63N-9W (740+ feet)

From Williamstown, drive west on Route E for 6.4 miles to the junction of Routes K and E. Continue west on K for about 0.5 mile to a grain bin on south side of the road. Park here and hike south to this contour out in the corn field. Continue west on Route K for 0.5 mile to spot elevation 741. This is the beginning of a very large contour in a bean field that covers most of the northern half of section 30 and extends into section 19. Walk northwest into the field and note how it rises gently. You can also drive 1 mile west to the county line, then go north on a field track into the contour. Wander around in here to satisfy yourself that the high ground has been found.

five areas northwest of LaBelle (including BM 750) in sections 18/19/30/31/32-62N-9W (740+ feet)

From LaBelle, drive west on Route 6 for 2.1 miles to the county line. Turn north on 100th Avenue (county line) and continue for about 1.25 miles to spot elevation 744. Along the way, note the large contour to the east in hay and beans, which eventually crosses the county line up near the spot elevation site. Continue north on 100th Avenue for about 1 more mile to the intersection with Route HH. There is another contour just southeast of spot elevation 738 out in the corn field. Continue north another 0.5 mile or so to a witness sign next to a telephone pole. This marks the location of BM 750 (actually Lipes Reset, 751 feet) which sits on a large contour that extends east into the bean field for 0.75 mile. You can also explore this large contour by using the road that runs east from the Route HH intersection. There seems to be a small sliver of an area right along 110th Avenue between BM 750 and spot elevation 738 to the south which I believe is a separate area not reported in Andy Marinís book. However, since this area has little rise above the 740-foot contour, it cannot compete with the BM 750 area to the north, so it isnít a relevant contour for highpointing purposes.

The final contour of these five straddles the section 31/32 line out in the field about a mile or so northwest of LaBelle. You can either hike north 0.3 mile from Route 6, or you can hike west for 0.5 mile from Western Avenue. There is some rise in this contour but it doesnít achieve the approximate 10-foot gain weíve seen in some of the contours along the county line, thus it may not be worth the visit.

LA BELLE QUAD - three areas west of LaBelle in sections 5/6-61N-9W (740+ feet)

On the western county line, where Route 6 and 100th Avenue intersect, go south for 0.35 mile and park. Hike east into the cornfield to a modest contour. Continue south on 100th Avenue another 0.75 mile (1.1 miles south of Route 6) and turn left (east). Drive east, then north, then east for almost 1.4 miles to a tiny contour just north in a bean field. Continue east on Main Street another 0.4 mile to South 10th, turn right and park at the end. You can either walk along the edge of the cornfield, or you can hike directly south to this contour. I thought this one had the most gain of the three areas.

three areas in section 18-61N-9W (740+ feet)

Return to 100th Avenue and drive south 1.2 miles to Road 210. There are two concrete silos just southeast of this intersection which has a spot elevation of 740 feet. The topo map shows a 740-foot contour that just touches this intersection from the west. Continue south on 100th Avenue for another 0.5 mile to a crest in the road where another contour intrudes from the west into the hayfield to your east. You can park here and hike east, then southeast roughly 0.4 mile to a second contour. Both of these contours have more gain than the first tiny area at spot elevation 740.

three contours in sections 29/30/31/32-61N-9W (740+ feet)

Continue south on 100th Avenue for another 2.5 miles to where the road ends at Route U (this is 5 miles south of Route 6). Along the way (actually the last 0.7 mile or so) youíll cross into another large contour that reaches east into the corn field. This contour has some rise within it and can be explored from anywhere along the county line road. When you arrive at Route U, turn left and drive east for 1 mile. Park next to a blue gate at spot elevation 741. You can explore this large contour which covers a bean field to the north and a corn field to the south. You can also hike southeast from this location across the corn and beans for about 0.75 mile to visit the third contour. An alternate (better) approach is to continue driving east on Route U to Route D, turn right on D and park 0.4 mile south. Then hike west into the bean field 0.3 mile to this smaller 740-foot contour.

two areas in sections 20/21/28/29-61N-9W (740+ feet)

From the Route U and Route D intersection, drive north on D 1 mile to spot elevation 744 and a blue water tower. Most of this contour is a bean field, with the higher ground to the west of the road. You can hike west for 0.7 mile to a small contour near spot 739 but, when these fields are clear, you can see that it is definitely lower. You can also drive north 0.5 mile, then west for 0.5 mile to spot elevation 741 and hike south to explore the northern arm of this large contour which seems to contain some high ground.

two areas in sections 6/7/18-60N-9W (740+ feet)

From the Route U and Route D intersection, drive south on D for 1.5 miles to 255 Street. Turn right and drive west for 2 miles to the county line and spot 738. There is a large contour here which seems high but relatively flat out in the corn field. After wandering around on both sides of the road here, backtrack 0.5 mile to 105th Avenue and turn south for 0.25 mile. This is supposed to be where this contour crosses the road again but youíll not believe what you see. The field to the east has been significantly regraded and the east side of the road is at least 12 feet higher than the west side. Obviously this is not natural but it looks like perhaps they will leave this as a permanent mound. This man-made bump may turn out to be the highest ground in the county!

Continue south on 105th Avenue for another 1.25 mile (about 1.5 miles south of 255th Street ) and park along the road. Hike west 0.5 mile and gain about 80 feet to spot elevation 745 which sits right on the county line. Since there are other sites confirmed above the 750-foot elevation in this county, this spot doesnít need to be visited, except to confirm that the spot elevation is the highest point up there.

NEWARK QUAD - two areas in section 31-60N-9W near the SW county corner (750+ feet)

From Newark, drive south on Route E for just over 2 miles to a two-track road going left. This path is listed as CR 395 in Delorme. This primitive road made me a bit nervous, particularly when I bounced over a deep ditch I wasnít expecting. Drive southeast for 0.85 mile to where the road abruptly turns south. Park here, cross the iron gate into the pasture, and hike east into the woods (the cows were not a problem). There is an obvious contour here with rise which goes above 750+ feet. Be sure to hike all the way east on this contour since the western part is in Knox County. This is actually my candidate for the county highpoint, since I know the contour hasnít been eroded or plowed like the other field contours along the county line. There is a second, very small contour right at the southwest corner of the county which can be reached by continuing south on the two-track path to the Shelby County line, then bushwhack east to the county corner. This one is not as high as the first area however.