Linn County High Point Trip Report

six areas (1,010+ ft)

Date: August 3, 2003
Authors: Dave and Beckie Covill

This is a fairly easy one, although persistence is required due to the 6 areas. Owner contact is essential.

From the town of Winigan near the northeast corner of Linn Co, go south on MO 129 a mile to the county line of Linn-Sullivan. For the first area, right at the county line drive east on Marco Road about 0.2 mile to high ground. Highest is within a few feet of the road. Linn County is south of the road, but ground dips to the south.

Continue east on Marco Road 0.2 mile more, total of 0.4 mile from MO 129. Building on topo is overrun by trees and weeds. Wander a bit in grass, high not far south of road.

The third area is 0.5 mile south of the county line on 129, on the east side. Stopped at house and talked to guy who owned it. Tractors everywhere in yard. We wandered a bit, ground by house is higher than in fields for sure.

The fourth area is just a bit south at intersection of 129 and Lima. Used to be a tower at this intersection, on the southwest corner. Ground is high here, maybe levels slightly lower than at spot #3.

The fifth and sixth spots are south of here. Go south on HH off of 129 about 0.3 mile south of Lima intersection. Continue south for one mile on HH to Touchmenot Cattle Farm. Used to be a post office here. No one home, walked around, leveled higher here at the 5th spot than farther southeast at the 6th spot in the field.