Livingston County High Point Trip Report

ten areas (nine at 984+ ft and one at 990+ ft)

Date: October 12, 2002
Authors: Bob Martin and Art Tauchen

The listing above is what the topo and the book shows. When you get there it is quite different. The areas are near what shows on the map as a town of Blue Mound. No town, just a big mining operation and a few scattered buildings.

From the intersection of US36 and US65 south of Chillicothe, drive south on US65 almost 5 miles. Where US65 bends left, continue south on road Z to signed Blue Mound.

Using the topo map, the ten areas, reading generally from north to south, were found to be as follows:

1. Large area crossed by road Z, with WT shown on map. High area appears to be east of road Z, west of a fence line, and north of a tower.

2. Small area east of road Z. Distinctive knoll that can be visited by walking through grass land.

3 and 4. Big area crossed by "Blue" and small area northeast of it. Just a big hole here. These areas long gone.

5. Small area northeast of the intersection of road Z and CR430. CR430 goes east from road Z just south of the words "Blue Mound" on the topo. A small grassy knoll still remains at this intersection.

6. Large area crossed by road Z south of CR430. Most of this area has been mined away on both sides of the road, but there is a small area of natural ground remaining on the west side of the road.

7. Small area south of CR430 just south of "9" in 291.01 on the map. A small area of natural ground remains east of a roadway entering the mine area. 8 and 9. The location of these minute areas, between areas 6 and 7, is now just a great big hole.

10. Area west of road Z, just north of CR432, the county line road. Still there, just north of the road, out of the mining area.

So now there are just 6 areas to visit to complete the cohps of Livingston county.