Madison County Highpoint Trip Report

Black Mtn

Date: February 4, 2008
Author: Jim Bensman

Since it was 74 degrees, we worked up a sweat climbing up about 900 feet. When I got to the top, I found the PVC register Hans Haustein left in 2002. I thought I had found a geocache. The log was soaked. I signed a piece of paper and put it in there. One of my geocaching friends pointed me to this site. We parked above the Black Mountain Shut Inns at (37° 27.466' N, 90° 29.833' W). We then took the old trail/road down to Little Rock Creek and it ended at the creek. We crossed the creek and found the old trail. It took us almost all the way to the top. We bushwhacked the last 0.1 mile to the summit. The trail was easy to follow and a nice hike.

This area is in the proposed Lower Rock Creek Wilderness. It is also closed to all motorized vehicles. You have to walk up it.