Monroe County High Point Trip Report

one area 2 1/8 miles east of New Hope Church (850+ ft)

Date: November 15, 2003
Author: Michael Schwartz

Regardless of your direction of approach, it's easiest to start at the Audrain/Randolph County line signs on Road NN, some four miles east of US 63. From the signs, drive east 1.3 miles to a point on an upgrade that is due north of the highpoint. As noted by Bob Martin, parking is nonexistent there, and I eventually parked in a pullout for some kind of utility shed about 1/10 mile further along the road, almost opposite a house from where a couple of Amish boys shyly exchanged waves with me.

I walked back along the road until north of the highpoint, then crossed a fence and headed south across the pasture, mercifully free of animals, but not their fresh souvenirs. You will reach a second fence, beyond which is a cornfield, and my GPS placed the center of the highpoint contour, close to the county line, 0.13 mile into the cornfield, which is very flat. I walked out there, just to be sure.