Morgan County High Point Trip Report

Date: October 11, 2002
Authors: Bob Martin and Art Tauchen

Go to the intersection of MO135 and road T in the southern part of Morgan county. The southern area is at the southeast corner of this intersection. This grassy hill is owned by the residents of a white house, the second house from the corner on the north side of road T. Although it would be easy to walk from the road to the unfenced hill, it is best to get permission. Another house, on the south side of road T east of the hp area, is a rental home owned by the same party. The renters have a bad dog to watch out for, according to the owner.

The northern area is on the west side of highway 135 a mile north of the intersection with road T. Look for a residence without a number or a mailbox. It is opposite a barn-type garage at the highway hp near a Super Market sign. With permission, walk around the yard of this house to find the hp.