Morgan County High Point Trip Report

Date: November 17, 2002
Author: Dave Covill

This is a fairly easy one, two easy spots.

Approach from Laurie by the big Lake of the Ozarks and go north on 135 for 14 miles to Road T to the east. Pull in to the house on the north side of T, 100 feet east of the intersection. Talk to Carol in the house and get permission to walk the grassy field.

There was no sign at all of BM Bowers. She said it was covered up years ago. The renters do indeed have dogs, as was reported, and they live to the southeast of the field. Field is VERY flat, and HP is in the middle, perhaps only 200 feet from the renter house.

Proceed to 2nd are on 135 by driving 0.7 mile north to a rise. Pull in to a VERY dilapidated trailer home on the west side. There is a large store sign at the highway edge, and there is a barn-style house across to the east. No one was home. HP is in yard just northwest of the trailer. Very flat again. This is a case of 2 different maps, with the southern one being metric, necessitating one to visit both areas. I have no idea which is higher.