Newton County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: May 18, 2005
Author: Denis Dean

These five points are located in extreme southeastern Newton county near the town of Wheaton. The two southern points are located just north of SR-76. The western of the two is next to a house owned by a postman who was not at home when I visited. The highpoint appears to be just west of his home in a horse corral or adjacent field. The area to the east has a house on top of it. The owner and her son were cordial and surprised about the possible highpoint. She allowed me to walk around the property and I think the highest area is near a basketball goal near the detached garage.

For the three northern points take SR-76 east to Wheaton, then SR-86 north to SR-A which heads back west into Newton county. Shortly after crossing the county line turn right (north) onto Wallaby Road. Once on Wallaby take the first right which is Redbud Road. About 0.3 mile you will see a farm on the left with a concrete silo. The highpoints are across the street and are posted so I went to this farm to get permission.

The lady who lives there said she owns the fields across the way and when I told her about the highpoints she asked if I was crazy. She then asked me if I liked owls to which I replied, "Sure I do". She then led me up to the top of the silo on some rickety stairs to an owls nest containing two baby owls. It was the closest I have ever been to wild owls and was a neat experience. She gave me permission to walk around the fields. I parked at an old gate at the corner of Redbud Road and Zebra Drive and walked southeast. The large contour against the county line was reached after crossing two fences (I don't think the owl lady owns this one). From the eastern point the two points on the owl lady's land appear higher.