Pettis County High Point Trip Report

Date: November 17, 2002
Author: Dave Covill

This is a modest one, as one of the areas is 3 miles from the other three.

Approach the southern area from Cole Camp Junction at US 65 and MO 52. Go 2.2 miles north to P, then go west 1.0 mile on P to CR 101. Go right (north) on 101 on gravel for 0.5 mile to the southeast corner of Pettis County. The area of 1,030+ feet is about 1/2 mile long to the west and 1/3 mile high to the north. The high spot appears to be either at the first house on the north side of the road, or 1/2 mile west at the edge of the road. I thought the further west spot was 1 - 2 feet higher.

For the second areas, go north on 101 2.0 miles to 52, then east 1.0 mile, back across US 65, then 0.6 mile east to a crest. I walked about 1/2 mile north in this first open field area, and it levels highest right at the road. This area, and the smaller one just north of it, are immediately west of numerous very large barns, like a chicken coop complex or some such.

For the fourth area to the north of these, go 1.0 mile north on 65 to Manila Road, with a sign for Prairie Paintbrush Conservation Area. Go east 0.3 mile on Manila and pull in to the obvious parking area, with nice signs about the numerous prairie grass conservation areas in the county. All are small, a section or less, and scattered about. Kind of like they saved the land no one really wanted anyway. From the lot, walk south 1/4 mile to the corner of the fenced prairie. There is woods just beyond the fence. You cannot tell if this is higher than the areas to the south. This one could be done entirely at night. I did it as dusk was approaching.