Phelps County High Point Trip Report

Date: November 17, 2002
Author: Dave Covill

This is an easy one, albeit with a long gravel approach.

Approach from the west edge of Salem off of 19 and take H for 6.6 miles west to CC. Go left on CC through Maples and pass C and at 14.6 miles go straight on CC. I went too far on CC to Kimble Road, a.k.a. 6190, and went north 2 miles to 6340. I should have gone north on Martin a.k.a. 6350. Either way, go up on gravel to the junction of 6340 and 6350.

The main contour is just 0.1 mile south and in the woods to the east of this junction. It's about 100 feet in, behind a crude keep out sign.

The second area is just east of the intersection 0.2 mile on 6340, just off the road on the south side, behind a buried cable sign. It's very flat all around there.