Saint Clair County High Point Trip Report

Date: May 31, 2002
Author: Bob Martin

These two areas are in the extreme southeastern corner of the county. From US54 and MO13 at Collins, drive south 2+ miles to UU, turn left and drive 2 miles to CR SE1131. Turn right and drive south a mile, left and east 0.2 mile, and south 0.5 mile to a sharp turn right. The large eastern area is south of this corner. The walk south is past an abandoned house and through pasture land to a very distinct ridge. The high point appears to be in the eastern part of the contour.

For the other area, drive west, south, west, and south again to the ridge east of the hp area. Here there are 2 houses west of the road and many dogs. From the northern house, with permission, walk west through brush, cross a fence, and walk through tall grass to the hp which is near a north-south fence.