Saint Francois County Highpoint Trip Report

two areas (1,650+ ft)

Date: December 29, 2006
Author: Bob Schwab

Stono Mtn (1,644+ ft)

Hans Hausteinís report is accurate for Stono Mountain. The only thing I would add is that the lookout has been torn down. I agree that the highest ground is probably near some rocks just into the woods south of the dish tower (the northernmost tower currently on the ridge).

Brown Mtn (1,650+ ft)

When I visited, I found some pretty unfriendly signs on the gate along King School Road that Hans mentioned in his report. Since no one was home at the houses across the street, I chose to approach this mountain from the north.

Starting from the Iron Mountain Lake, follow the paved road to the dam. Cross the dam to the east side and watch for Arcadia Drive. Drive east on this steep road as far as you dare. Since there had recently been an ice storm in the area, I could not progress beyond an abandoned brown building on the left, where I parked. Hike up the track (shown on topo map) to a trailer camp where several trails converge. Take the path south (that stays on the ridge) and continue on it all the way to the top. There is a large rock where this old path intersects with the nice sandy drive that Hans describes up near the top. Go right here, near a green-roofed cabin, and find the highest ground among some rocks near the eastern edge of the good road. This route was not posted when I visited and I had a nice chat with a person on an ATV while I was hiking this route. If the gate is open, and permission can be obtained, I suspect Hansís route would be quicker and easier but this alternative route was pleasant and I recommend it.