Saint Genevieve County Highpoint Trip Report

three areas (1,240+ ft)

Date: December 29, 2006
Author: Bob Schwab

two areas 2 1/2 miles west-northwest of Unity School

I originally tried to access this area in August, but was thwarted when I discovered that Chaffin Road (shown on topo and Delorme as going north off from Route T) no longer continues up the ridge. Mr. Kay, a farmer at the end of the drive, said that the track from his house had been abandoned years ago and that going that way would cross three other properties, two of which were posted. Instead, he gave me directions to contact either Mr. Kieper or Mr. Haney over on Lewis Hill Road, and suggested access could be had via the pipeline right of way.

From the junction of Route 32, Route OO and Route W southeast of Farmington, drive southeast on Route OO for 7.9 miles to Route DD. Turn left on DD and drive 1 mile to Libertyville (second stop sign). Turn right on Old Jackson Road and follow it 0.9 mile to where the main road turns sharply to the right. Continue straight on Jack Lewis Road another 0.9 mile to an extreme left turn. The road continues north another 0.15 mile or so, before bending right again but note the farm driveway that continues directly to the north. Drive up to Mr. Harold Kiepnerís house and ask permission to cross his land to the ridge. He owns the property right up to the contour on the St. Francois side of the county line.

Starting east of his barn, cross into the pasture and follow a track that meanders east through his pastures to the woods near the pipeline (3 gates to cross). After crossing the third gate at the woods, you will soon arrive at the pipeline, where you turn north and follow the track until it comes to an obvious down section. Stick with the track as it climbs right into the woods and shortly you will encounter the ridge path shown on the topo. Turn left and hike to the pipeline. Continue west past the pipeline to the highest ground in the large contour (near a bend in the path), which seems to be right on the county line just north of the path (remember, the land south of the path is in Saint Francois County). From here, you can either follow the ridge northeast or return to the pipeline and follow it farther north to the second, smaller contour area. There are views from the pipeline area.

one spot elevation in the Greasy Hills (1,245 ft)

Return to the intersection of Route DD and Old Jackson Road in Libertyville. Turn right and go north on Coffman Road 2.5 miles to what looks like a gated driveway. This drive is 0.65 mile north of the county line, and just as you get past the gate, youíll see a pond off to your left. Continue east to the last house (gray trailer) and ask Woody for permission to hike up to the radio tower. Youíll cross two gates on an otherwise quite good road. The highest ground appears to be right where the power line for the tower comes up, maybe 20 feet from a telephone pole.