Saint Louis County High Point Trip Report

Date: July 21, 2002
Author: Roger Barnes

We started after breakfast down I-44, exiting at Allenton/Six Flags and heading north. Be extremely careful at this exit, especially if coming from the east. Several fatal accidents have occurred here in the past few years from people slowing down for the exit and getting hit from behind by others not paying attention to the slowing traffic. Also, stay in the left hand exiting lane and then watch for the lane for Allenton/Six Flags Road only. Obviously, a lot of traffic goes to Six Flags. On this day, I wish I was too, at least to the relatively new water park that is now part of the park. The temp was already passing 90 and the heat index was heading towards 110 later in the afternoon.

We went up Allenton/Six Flags Road about 1.5 miles to the intersection with Hencken Road. I am a novice at this, but it seems to me that the it is awfully difficult to tell where the high ground is, but the bit on the southwest section of the intersection looked like it to me. We walked all around, just to make sure. I also visited the Learning Center, the closest pavilion just to the east where I picked up a nice sheet showing the roads and hiking trails of Greensfelder County Park.

While there, we found the benchmark closest to the highpoint, about 1/2 mile south where a lookout tower used to stand and where there are now three telecommunications towers.