Stoddard County Highpoint Trip Report

16 areas (580+ ft)

Date: December 30, 2006
Author: Bob Schwab

10 areas in Dexter Quad

This is a minor correction to Bob Packardís report for this county, specifically the Dexter quad section which contains 10 areas. When examining the topo sheets, I detected 3 areas in Section 2, 4 areas in Section 35, and 3 areas in Section 36. Bobís report suggests there is a fourth area in section 2, across the highway from area # 3, a grassy knoll between Route 25 and the frontage road. This rise is impressive, is bermed, and has trees growing on the east side. It is crowned with a Brown Sand and Gravel sign and a gas pipe marker and is roughly 200+ feet north of a yellow trailer. Hand level checks both ways confirm that it is lower than the area # 3 on the west side of the highway. The fact that the topo map does not display a contour here makes me believe it is slightly lower than 580 feet in elevation. By the way, you can drive up to area # 2 now. Its just grass and some parked trailers. The house is gone. Area # 1 appears to be gone; at least everything over in the landfill that looked natural was lower per hand level checks from #2. I agree that area #3, near the cedars and white house on the west side of Route 25 is the highest contour in section 2.

In section 35, I found 4 areas, which included one not reported by Bob. His #5 is a brick-looking house (Philpot) just south of an intersection and his #6 and #7 are two rises along a road to the east. The first one has large "grandma" signs scrawled on the side of a rusty shed, while the other is near a green gate to the north, with a muddy contour extending south as Bob described. The contour that is not reported in section 35 (the true #4?) is just north of the intersection near area #5. Itís a small contour near a tree and the back deck of a nice brown house (Shipmanís). You can drive right up into their yard toward a very large garage and virtually walk across it on the way to knock on the side door. It is obvious that there is little if any rise within this small contour, so it clearly isnít the highest ground in the county but it does keep the count in Dexter quad at 10, per Andyís book. By the way, the yellow house at #16248 still gives permission to walk into the fields to visit areas #8-10 in section 36.

two areas in Bell City Quad and four areas in Clines Island Quad

Just a couple of other observations about this county. Andyís book should be revised to indicate that there are four areas on the Clines Island quadrangle, not three (see Bob Packardís original report). The red gate to Hopkin Cemetery (area 11) is easy to find and is not posted. Another 1.4 miles or so north on County 317 youíll find a jog in the road where a gate and road go to the east toward a radio tower. This is where you should park to access areas #12-14. Follow Bobís directions here as you pass Moore Cemetery (area 12) and a small contour on the ridge (area 13) on your way to the 586 foot spot elevation site. This contour (area 14) seems to be the obvious highpoint in this county. I learned from a neighbor that this land is owned by Ed Dockins who lives in Messler. You could also get here by hiking south from areas 15 and 16, but it would involve some up and down bushwhacking. The last two areas (15 and 16) are best reached by parking at the radio tower on County 331, 1.4 miles south of Route 91, just south of a creme colored trailer owned by Mr. Maddox. He was friendly and told me I could park at the tower anytime. Hike south along the ridge and through the grass to both sites.