Texas County High Point Trip Report

hill east of Mount Zion Church (1,660+ ft)

Date: June 17, 2002
Authors: Dave & Beckie Covill

From 60 at Dunn exit off of highway, go north on road MM for 2.8 miles on pavement. Turn right on gravel road called, appropriately enough, Gravel Point Road (GPR). Go 1.7 miles on Gravel Point Road. Both MM & GPR jog twice while winding their way northward. Stay with it, as other roads bear off en route. We asked permission at the house which appears to be where the Mt. Zion Church is located on the map. It was very dilapidated, and the owners had not heard of the Mt. Zion Church. Friendly dogs. Teen named Dwayne said his dad was Alan (Henderson?). They said to go on up. We parked about 400 feet north of this house, at the intersection of a cow farm road which went due west from the road.

The hill is due east of the Zion house about a 1/2 mile. We passed through a fence, and hiked up a cow pasture on the northwest flank of Mt. Zion Hill, if you will. Once on top of the cow pasture hill, we could see that the HP was across a fence and northeast on the ridge about 200 feet further. We crossed it carefully where it had a loose spot near some junipers. Very bad grass seed & sticky thorns all the way from here. The entire northwest 1/4 of the hill is open pasture, but not the summit itself. HP is out at the north end of the ridge. We left a small cairn, and saw evidence of someone having tromped down the grass in the past week or so. OK views in all directions.

About 20 minutes up and 15 minutes down. Spent 10 minutes cleaning out socks and shoes back at the car.