Vernon County High Point Trip Report

Date: November 15, 2002
Authors: Dave Covill and Don Holmes

This is an interesting one, which requires a modest walk.

Reach it from Sheldon MO and I-71 by going east on B for 10 miles to a farmhouse on the south side. This is the home of Mary Lou Anderson, mother of Jake & Jay, 2 guys in their 20's. Their ranch is just past the 3 large reservoirs on the south side. They were very nice, and quite interested in finding out they owned the Vernon cohp.

With permission, walk south through their ranch to the 3 areas, about a 1.8 mile walk round-trip. The highest area levels as the west one, higher by 5 - 7 feet than the central one, and 1 - 2 feet higher than the east one. It is all open cow pasture. Watch for pies, and stay away from the bulls. Then drive west on B for 3.6 to the 4th area. It is on the north side, where a fence line has some trees on it, bearing north away from the road. There is an open cultivated field to the west side of this fence, and grassy pasture to the east. Walk about 100 yards or more to where the ground feels highest. It appears to be only 1-2 feet higher than where the contour edge should be, very flat. Probably only 1,002 feet, and not as high as the Andersons' ranch, but visit it nevertheless to be sure.