Washington County Highpoint Trip Report

one area on Pruitt Mtn (1,582 ft)

Date: December 29, 2006
Author: Bob Schwab

I saved this one for winter, since I donít relish collecting ticks. I noticed some changes which I think others would be interested in. First, Dave Covillís mileages were understated (did his rental have oversized tires?). Secondly, Jeff Kichileck?(sp) has bought a good chunk of this mountain, has developed a nice road up to the 1300 foot level, and is building a workshop and barns for himself with big views but the top is still undisturbed.

From Caledonia, drive north on Route 21 for 1 mile to Route C. Drive west on Route C for 2.9 miles to Route BB. Turn left and drive south on BB about 2+ miles. Watch for a gate with a Pruitt Mountain sign on your left. If the gate is open, drive up to Jeff Kichileckís place to ask for permission to hike up to the top. The road continues past his barn to a cleared out area which he has seeded for wild turkeys. Beyond here, you must follow the old track that Dave Covill described in his report.

I agree that the highest ground is not where the spot elevation is marked but is near some lichen-covered rocks somewhat north of the spot site and west of the path. I didnít find any trace of Daveís cairn or register. Be sure to get Jeffís permission before you enter. Given what heís building up there, trespassers could be prosecuted!