Wright County High Point Trip Report

Lead Hill (1,744 ft)

Date: June 17, 2002
Authors: Dave & Beckie Covill

From 5 & 60 in Mansfield, go west on "B" which curves south as it hugs the southern side of major highway 60 at mile 1.7. At mile 2.8 stop just past the RR tracks. Pull over beyond them. There is a sign cautioning people not to trespass on the tracks, and presumably not the right-of-way either.

Walk west about 0.5 mile down the south side of the tracks on a poor access road. You must pass a gully, walking on the tracks themselves, then just 100 feet before you get to a tiny cut in the rock which the tracks pass through, leave the tracks and head uphill to the north at the outside of the curve. Go uphill here, scrambling the first 20 feet up, then find a fence which goes due north uphill. Stay on the west side of it, and follow the cleared trail next to it all the way to the top, about 200 feet up. Fattest tree is on the probable HP. We left a small cairn here. This is the 2nd highest cohp in MO, and again, it doesn't seem that high, as we only had to gain 200 feet of from the car. 30 minutes up, 20 minutes down.

Beautiful house on top of next hill to west, and they were doing some work in the saddle towards Lead Hill, and had surveyors tape all the way to the top of Lead Hill from the west. Could I smell development? Maybe. The east side of this hill is a cow farm, shown as clear, not green, on the topo properly. Best to keep clear of the cows. The owners may be there, if you want to ask permission.