Wright County High Point Trip Report

Lead Hill on Cedar Gap quadrangle

Date: October 12, 2002
Author: Hans Haustein

After reading the earlier trip report on this HP, I decided to investigate access from the north. The owner of Lead Hill is a Missouri Highway Patrolman who lives just north of Mansfield. I was able to obtain permission for the owner's son to access the HP. I did not get permission to post owner's name.

To reach the HP go west on Highway 60 from Mansfield to Lead Hill Drive and go south on Lead Hill Drive for 0.4 mile to a sign for the Lazy BJ Ranch (Private Drive - No Admittance) continue south on this drive another 0.1 mile to a gravel drive that leaves to the east of the BJ Ranch Drive. There is a iron gate on BJ Ranch Drive. There was a chain across this gravel drive to the east with postings. With permission, follow this drive up hill to a clearing where a house is soon to be built.

There was a small wooded strip that had not been disturbed where the highpoint is located. During leaf-off there would be some pretty nice views.