Carroll County High Point Trip Report

Date: April 5, 2001
Author: Fred Dale

Take the exit # 174 off of I-55 in north central Mississippi. Go northwest on Highway 35 8.5 miles to Carroll County Road 56, on the left. Park. The hill adjacent to the intersection, in the northwest quadrant so formed, is the goal. I think this hill was cut in the construction of the highway or its precursor. Its highpoint is probably historically intact, and is in any case still the cohp.

It is bisected by an old east-west gully, probably an older roadbed corresponding to CR 56. The BM "Booth 2" was recovered on the southern half of the hill. The cohp seemed to be on the northern half. Note that though the "Big Hungry Conservation Club" has posted the land, the cohp is just a scramble to the top of the Highway 35 road-bluff, and therefore probably on or at the state right-of-way, and can be accessed just a few paces north on Hwy. 35 from the intersection with CR 56.

Topo chart
My GPS coordinates - (33° 26.15' N, 89° 51.14' W).